• Raili Müülbach

Why pearls?

I am absolutely hunted by pearls lately. It all started last year, in late summer when I was in the middle of biggest grief…. Long story short, losses I had were so painful that it actually woke me up. In middle of deepest sorrow, one night I saw my mom in the dream.

Sidenote: I lost my mom tragically when I was just teenager, and she has been visiting me in my dreams ever sense. Usually, when she comes, I know I have to pay attention, because there is always a reason.

The dream: she was greeting one strange lady like old friend. They seemed to be really happy to see each other. When I asked what was going on, mom told: “She is like me! We are seers and healers!”

“How do you know? How can you recognize somebody like that?”

“Our auras look the same, like pearls.”

In reality, couple of days later by series of weird coincidences I ended up in a different place where I was actually supposed to be. There I met the same lady…took me couple of minutes to recognize her, but she said something what reminded me of the dream.

And yes, she was a healer. And yes, I went to talked to her. And yes…we ended up talking about my painting and what do I need to channel most purely – turns out nothing! I just need to be happy!

So that’s a story with pearls. Connections we have with each other, healing and love…without space or time. Specially like this time when it was really needed it came through from the other side.

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