• Raili Müülbach

To be a woman....

Today I´m taking you on a memory lane.

This work I did a long time ago (year seems to be 2000 or so), when I lived in the temple and travelled a lot. That time in that setting I felt very sharply, how difficult is to be a woman... Philosophy is that we are not these bodies, but yet, one could feel divided in every step. A lot of ways less than a man.

By following strict rules and regulations. Very strong principal was celibacy and that was followed in depth. It meant one should avoid eye contact of opposite sex, not to stay in one room, talk without third party present etc. And as a woman, you could not interact with Gurus as freely as men did and that was a thing what pained me the most.

Subtleties of our sexual energies are so strong that in every step one should avoid possibilities of getting disturbed by them. After years of following these principals I started to understand the need for these rules, but still at that time it was very challenging.

It was said: woman by nature is more attached to this material world and is not able to achieve liberation on her own, but by serving a man and through him. So this painting To Be A Woman is my expression of that frustration.

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