• Raili Müülbach

Eve’s apple: pick your freedom!

With my new painting “Pick Your Freedom” I want to talk mainly to women.

I stumbled on one very interesting book. And feels like this book lives in me still and my understanding of it keeps deepening. I’m talking about “The Magdalen Manuscript”, the Alchemies of Horus and The Sex Magic of Isis by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion.

A lot can be said and talked about the book, but…there was one little paragraph what started to hunt me and wanted to take a its form.

Story of Eve and apple. We all have grown up with this story. Its ingrained in us how she was the weak one and could not resist temptations, whispered by the snake. How she was the reason why humanity got kicked out of eternal bliss. But in subconscious it has given us collective female shame.

This deep shame, we as women have carried inside, well…. turns out that from beginning of time. It is subtle, but it real and old. It’s in our core.

For centuries women have carried this sin in acceptance. Trying to make up for it by being servant to a man, children, land. And even the few who have dared to step out of this paradigm, burned at the stake.

But if we turn this story upside down like this book did. So much repression and shame can be released. What if Eva was not weak nor tempted, but knew exactly what she was doing? And by picking that forbitten apple she actually freed all the souls. So, we could be independent to explore and develop in our experiences. We could choose our own heavens or hells autonomously.

This is a thought worth of dwelling on. What is sin really? Does it even exist? Who needs this division? Is it ours or is it just put on us by society?

It is said that, if you die and you go through your life review, only judgment you meet is your own. So, it a very good chance that we are absolutely free to be whoever we want to be. This is it! Lie stops here!

Pick your apple, own it, love it, enjoy it, you are Goddess!!!

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