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Raili's story

Raili Mühlbach is a painter of Moonwalk Art, native to Tallinn, Estonia. Lifelong rebel and artist, after she graduation from Tallinn Art Gymnasium in Kopli, she fell into a whirlwind of spiritual mysticism. Raili became a Hindu renounced nun within a Hare Krishna movement and lived the life of a renunciant in temples across the world for years.

Those years can be considered to be most formative years in her life. She met her art mentor and that lead her to discover Ancient Greek art.


After continuing her spiritual path independently without restrictive dogmas, her art kept evolving. She started to use brighter colors and subjects, but kept her love for surreal.

After years long process of maturation, Raili creatively took an inward approach and began to strive to reflect the depth of archetypal emotions.

Steadily progressing, she caught attention of those involved in the healing arts and some of the clairvoyants, who considered her art to be transformative – and able to invoke deep emotional experience, resulting in feeling of release and emotional liberation.

Raili mostly uses oil colors on canvas and sometimes accentuates the details with Swarovski crystals and other mixed media items like pop-corn.

Although not wildly exhibited in public, she has left a deep impression on those that were able to cherish her talent.


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